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This site, www.AchaWater.Com is all about water and how to select the best home water purifier in India, the most suitable home water filter purifier in India. The site discusses in detail the fundamental qualities of water and how water gets dirty. Common impurities found in water are listed with their effects on human health.

Water is life and so the quality of drinking water concerns everyone. Everyone knows that we should be careful about our drinking water and make sure that our drinking water, whether it is a Municipal supplied tap water or from a well that has been used for generations, is clean and safe.

Some of us are extra careful and use only bottled water in India for drinking and cooking needs. Many use water filters and purifiers to make sure that their drinking water is safe. Others just take plain tap water, straight from the tap and drink it without any worry. Then there are those who use well water and drink it directly without any hesitation. Some take the trouble of boiling all their drinking water. So who is the sensible one in these examples?

The aim of this website is precisely to answer such doubts. All aspects of safe drinking water is discussed in detail here.

Most dangerous drinking water contaminants impurities

Most people worry about germs in water which can cause water borne diseases like dysentery, cholera, etc. These are terrible diseases, but can easily be cured with modern day antibiotic medicines. By boiling water used for drinking all such germs are killed.

Much more dangerous than the problems of germs and viruses in water, is if the water contains dissolved chemicals, especially the salts of Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Chromium-6, Lead, Mercury, etc. which can cause lifelong damage and early death. You may not even know that you are being slowly poisoned with heavy metal contamination of drinking water, because there is no taste or smell difference in the water. Heavy metals in water can only be detected by chemical analysis of water.

Why dissolved 'Heavy Metals' in water are so dangerous, is because when water with even very minute traces of heavy metal, is drunk over a long period of time, it can cause problems. Heavy Metal chemicals in drinking water 'bio-accumulate' in our body, which means that once heavy metal is absorbed, our body cannot get rid of it. So even though there are no immediate problems, the heavy metals in our body keeps on accumulating as more and more water is consumed daily. Finally the day will come when Heavy Metal poisoning symptoms start showing. By then it is usually too late.

Heavy metals in water cause cancer, stunted growth, nerve damage, and early death. Children suffer most from heavy metal pollution of water. Boiling water does not, we repeat again, does 'NOT' remove Arsenic, heavy metals and dissolved salts from water.

Municipal supplied water is usually free from Heavy Metals. Well water in many areas are free from Heavy metals. But this does not rule out the possibility of Heavy Metal contamination in our drinking water. Water being the universal solvent that it is, can leach out Heavy Metals from anything it comes in contact with, for example water tanks and pipelines which may contain heavy metal. As mentioned before, even if the water contains just very minute trace of heavy metals, it will be absorbed by our body and it continues to stay in our body, because our Kidneys and other organs cannot get rid of it from our body. .....More from our page about the danger and harmful health effects of Heavy Metals in Drinking Water.

Best home drinking water filter in India

The best drinking water filter for house in India is without doubt a Reverse Osmosis water filter or an RO water purifier. The biggest advantage of RO water filter purifiers is that they can remove dissolved chemicals in water, including the poisonous Heavy metals from water. RO water purifier also removes the smallest of viruses from water. Since an RO water purifier removes everything from water, the RO water purifier produces almost ultra pure water or distilled water quality.

Some say that because RO water purifiers removes everything, including any essential minerals the water may contain, it is not good. This is not true, essential mineral for our body should come from the food we eat and not from the water we drink, as explained in our page on RO water purifiers.

In India the Wall Mounted Water filters are more common. But in Kitchens with modern Kitchen Cabinets and a kitchen sink, it is more practical and better to fix an Undersink RO water purifier as explained in our Undersink RO purifier page.

Pages on this website

There are several pages on how to make water safe for drinking at home and how to select a good home water filter in India. We explain in detail how water filters work and how tap water or well water can be made safe for drinking with a good Indian water purifier. India has some of the best water filters or water purifiers available in the world. Several pages on this site review and compare the best available Indian water filter purifiers.

Our page on water impurities gives a general introduction to the most common contaminants that can pollute our water.

Water impurities can be classified into 3 broad general categories. Solid particles (like dust, fine sand, clay, rust, etc.), living microorganisms (like algae, bacteria, protozoa, pathogens, microbes, Viruses, Parasites and their eggs called cysts, etc.) and Dissolved Chemicals (Sodium Chloride, which is harmless; or it could be poisonous Arsenic chemicals, etc.).

Now about Indian water filters. There are many leading manufacturers of water filters in India with all types and models of water filter purifiers. Having an idea of all available water filters in India will help you to decide on which Indian Water filter is the best for home drinking water. Visit our page reviewing the best water filters available in India.

Well water and bore well water is a major source of drinking water for a large number of people. We have a dedicated page on well water purification. There is also a page about emergency disinfection of water in case there are outbreaks of communicable diseases like Cholera and Typhoid near where you live.

Chlorine is the universal disinfectant for water and is the most commonly used disinfectant in public water supplies. But is chlorine water safe. How does Chlorine affect our health and what are the effects of Chlorine on hair when we have a bath. The effects of chlorine on our health and our hair is discussed on our page "chlorine in water effects on hair, eyes, skin and health"

There are many more pages on this website and links to all pages are given at the bottom of each page. You might also be interested in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about water page.

How to buy Water Purifiers in India

The best way to buy Water Purifiers in India is to first look at all models of Water Purifiers available online at the leading online Retailers in India. For example on the online webpage of All Water Purifiers available in India on, you will find the full range of Indian Water Purifiers complete with their best discounted price and full specifications. This is great information, and you can decide on which model of water purifier to buy. With the model of water purifier you want to buy finalised, you can go to local shops to try and find the model of water purifier you have chosen and see if you can get at similar price of that at In most cases the price from Amazon will be cheaper, because they buy in bulk from the manufacturers direct and they sell huge volumes because they are the world's largest and most trusted online retailer. If you buy from Amazon, they will arrange to have the water purifier installed in your house, usually free of charge.

Warranty and other facilities offered through Amazon are usually better than what you can get from local agents of water purifiers.

All pages in our website

Below are links to all the pages on this website and we hope you will make full use of all the great information about Indian Water Purifiers provided here.

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